World War 1 Figures

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Indian Infantry
IND1 Sikh Infantry Advancing
IND2 Sikh Infantry Charging
IND3 Sikh Infantry Standing firing
IND4 Sikh Infantry Kneeling Firing
IND5 Sikh Infantry officer
IND6 Sikh HMG + 3 crew 
IND20 Punjabi Infantry Advancing
IND21 Punjabi Infantry Charging
IND22 Punjabi Infantry Standing firing
IND23 Punjabi Infantry Kneeling Firing
IND24 Punjabi Infantry officer
IND25 Punjabi HMG + 3 crew 
Indian Cavalry
INDC1 Ready
INDC2 Charging with lance
INDC3 Charging with sword
INDC4 NCO / Officer
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