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German (Helmets)
GN1 Advancing, Rifle
GN2 Firing, Rifle
GN3 Marching
GN4 Running, Rifle
GN5 Standing, Rifle
GN6 At Ready, Rifle
GN7 Officer
GN8 Grenade Team
GN9 LMG 08/15 (2 crew)
GN10 HMG 08 (3 Crew)
GN11 7.6cm Minenwerfer + 3 Crew
GN12 Artillery Team (5 Figs, Feldmutze)
GN13 Flamethrower (2 figures)
GN14 Dead
GN15 Stand Firing, Rifle (Pickelhaube)
GN16 Advancing, Rifle (Pickelhaube)
GN17 Running, Rifle (Pickelhaube)
GN18 Standing, Rifle (Pickelhaube)
GN19 Officer (Pickelhaube)
GN20 Advancing Rifle / Grenades (storm trooper)
GN21 Firing on move (storm trooper)
GN22 Running (storm trooper)
GN23 Trooper / MP18 (storm trooper)
GN24 Officer (storm trooper)
GN25 Trooper / Body Armour (storm trooper)
GN26 Storm troopers/Captured Lewis Gun (2 figures)
GN27 Sniper Team (2 figures )
GN28 Staff  set
GN29 HMG + Team (3 figs Pickelhaube)
GN30 Grenade (Pickelhaube)
GN31 Kneeling (Pickelhaube)
GN32 Storm trooper / wire cutters
GN33 Storm trooper / club
GN34 Surrendering (2 variants)
GN35 Storm troopers waiting to go over the top (4 figs)
GN36 Greatcoat /advancing
GN37 Greatcoat / firing
GN38 Greatcoat / standing
GN39 Greatcoat / walking
GN40 Parapet LMG 08/15 Team ( 2crew)
GN41 Parapet HMG 08 (2 crew)
Note: GN 40 & 41 for use with Trench systems
GN42 Artillery crew (helmets) (5 figs )
GN43 Minenwerfer + 3 crew moving
GN44 HMG 08 + 3 crew moving
GN45 Tank Crew (5 figs)
GN46 Infantry firing rifle (boots/ backpack)
GN47 Infantry running (boots/ backpack)
GN48 Infantry advancing (boots/ backpack )
GN49 Infantry at ready (boots backpack / )
GN50 Infantry rifle at trail (boots backpack / )
GN51 Officer (boots/ backpack)
GN52 Grenade team (boots)
GN53 Infantry firing rifle (Feldmutze)
GN54 Infantry advancing (Feldmutze)
GN55 Infantry with rifle (Feldmutze)
GN56 Infantry anti-tank rifle (2 figures)
GN57 Firing rifle (Pickelhaube /backpack)
GN58 Running (Pickelhaube / backpack)
GN59 Waving on (Pickelhaube / backpack)
GN60 Advancing (Pickelhaube / backpack)
GN61 Rifle at trail (Pickelhaube / backpack)
GN62 3 figures hand to hand (1916-18)
GN63 5 riflemen (boots 1916-1918)
GN64 Officer (1916-1918)
GN65   Officer ( boots, light equipment)
GN66 Infantry, rifle at trail (boots, light equipment)  
GN67 Infantry, running (boots, light equipment)  
GN68   Infantry, standing firing (boots, light equipment)
GN69 Infantry at ready (boots, light equipment)  
GN70 Infantry advancing (boots, light equipment)  
German Cavalry (1916-18)
GNC1 At rest
GNC2 Charging 1
GNC3 Charging 2
GNC4 Officer
German Lancers 1914
GNL1 At rest
GNL2 Charging 1
GNL3 Charging2
GNL4 Officer
German Lancers Dismounted 1914
GND1 Standing firing
GND2 Advancing
GND3 At ready
GND4 Officer
German East Africa Infantry
GN100 Advancing, Rifle
GN101 Firing, Rifle
GN102 Marching
GN103 Charging, Rifle
GN104 Kneeling Rifle
GN105 Officer
GN106 HMG + 3figs
GN107 Askari Marching
GN108 Askari Advancing
GN109 Askari Kneeling Firing
GN110 Askari Charging
GN111 Askari Standing Firing
GN112 Askari HMG + 3 Figs 
GN113 Artillery Crew (5 Figs)
GN114 Von Lettow and Staff (on Foot)
German East Africa Cavalry
GNC20 Trooper at Rest
GNC21 Trooper Charging Rifle
GNC22 Trooper Charging Sword
GNC23 Officer

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