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To give the customer more choice we are introducing the following suffix codes;
For infantry

A. for advancing, the pack will then contain figures that are charging, advancing etc
D. for defence, the pack will contain firing and standing figures etc.
M. for marching, the pack will obviously contain marching figures.
For cavalry

C. for charging, the pack will contain appropriate figures on charging horses.
R. for resting, the pack will contain appropriate figures on standing horses.

To order, simply quote the pack code followed by the appropriate suffix code.
e.g. IT/P2A will consist of Germans in helmets advancing.

Please Note: Any pack code without a suffix will be supplied with a random mix of figures.

Packs contents :
Infantry:  24 foot figures, Cavalry:  10 horses and riders, Artillery:   2 guns and 10 crew.

Western Front
IT/P1 German Infantry in Picklehaube
IT/P2 German Infantry in Steel Helmet
IT/P3 German Infantry in Greatcoat
IT/P4 German Lancers (1914)
IT/P5 German Cavalry (1916–1918)
IT/P6 German Infantry in Feldmutze
IT/P7 German Stormtroopers
IT/P9 Assorted Western Front Casualties
IT/P10 Austrian Infantry in Caps
IT/P11 Austrian Cavalry
IT/P15 Belgian Infantry
IT/P20 Italian Infantry
IT/P21 Italian Arditi (Storm troopers)
IT/P22 Italian Alpini
IT/P30 British Infantry (1914)
IT/P31 British Infantry in Greatcoat
IT/P32 British Infantry
IT/P33 British Infantry (1916) Kitcheners Army
IT/P35 Scottish Infantry
IT/P36 British Marines
IT/P37 British Cavalry (1914)
IT/P38 British Cavalry (1916-1918)
IT/P40 American Infantry in Helmet
IT/P41 American Infantry in Hats
IT/P42 American Cavalry
IT/P45 Australian Infantry (Helmet)
IT/P46 Australian Infantry in Hats
IT/P47 Indian (Sikh) Infantry
IT/P48 Indian (Punjabi) Infantry
IT/P49 Indian Cavalry
IT/P50 French Infantry in Kepi
IT/P51 French Infantry in Helmet
IT/P52 French Zouave
IT/P53 French Lancers (1914)
IT/P54 French Cavalry (1916-1918)
IT/P60 Serbian Infantry
Middle Eastern Front
IT/P80 British Infantry in Trench Hat
IT/P81 British Infantry in Sun Helmet
IT/P82 British Infantry in Sun Helmet & Shorts
IT/P83 British Cavalry in Sun Helmet
IT/P90 Australian Light Horse (Dismounted)
IT/P91 Australian Light Horse Mounted
IT/P100 Arab Foot
IT/P101 Arab Cavalry
IT/P102 Arab Camelry
IT/P104 Sanussi Infantry
IT/P105 Turkish Infantry
Russian Civil War
IT/P200 Red Army (Summer Shirt)
IT/P201 Red Army in Greatcoat
IT/P202 Don Cossacks
IT/P203 Kuban Cossacks
IT/P204 Sailors
IT/P205 Russian Cavalry
IT/P206 Partisans
IT/P207 Assorted Russian Civil War Casualties
IT/P210 White Army Infantry
IT/P211 White Army British Uniforms
East Africa
IT/P400 German Colonial Infantry
IT/P401 German Askaris
IT/P402 German Colonial Mounted
IT/P403 German Artillery Battery
IT/P405 British Kings African Rifles
IT/P406 British Nigerian Brigade
IT/P407 British Gold Coast Regiment
IT/P408 British Northern Rhodesian Police
IT/P409 British South African/ Colonial Cavalry
IT/P410 Massai Warriors
IT/P415 Belgian Force Publique
IT/P416 Portugese Askaris
IT/P417 Portugese Metropolitan Infantry
Artillery Packs
IT/P300 German Artillery Battery (in Helmet)
IT/P301 German Artillery Battery (in Feldmutze)
IT/P302 British Artillery Battery (in Helmet)
IT/P303 British Artillery Battery (in Cap)
IT/P304 French Artillery battery (in Kepi)
IT/P305 French Artillery Battery (in Helmet)
IT/P306 Austrian Artillery Battery
IT/P307 Italian Artillery Battery
IT/P335 British Middle Eastern Battery
IT/P336 Turkish Artillery battery
Other Packs
IT/AP1 British Hospital Station set includes Doctors, Nurses, Casualties and Tents etc.
IT/AP2 German Hospital Station set includes Doctors, Nurses, Casualties and Tents etc.

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