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Anzac (Western Front)
ANZ1 Rifleman, charging (Helmet)
ANZ2 Rifleman, advancing (Helmet)
ANZ3 Rifleman, firing (Helmet)
ANZ4 Rifleman, loading (Helmet)
ANZ5 Lewis team   (2 figs) (Helmet)
ANZ6 Officer (Helmet)
ANZ7 Mills Bomber (Helmet)
ANZ8 Rifle / Charging (Hat)  (2 figs) (Helmet)
ANZ9 Rifle / Firing (Hat)
ANZ10 Loading rifle (Hat)
ANZ11 Rifle / advancing (Hat)
ANZ12 Officer  (Cap)
Note: ANZ8-11 Suitable for the Middle East
Australian Light Horse (Middle East)
ALH1 At rest
ALH2 Charging , type 1
ALH3 Charging , type 2
ALH4 Officer
ALH5 Firing rifle (dismounted)
ALH6 At ready (dismounted)
ALH7 Advancing (dismounted)
ALH8 Officer (dismounted)
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CAM1 Camel standing
CAM2 Camel trotting

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