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French Infantry (Helmets)
FR1 Infantry, Firing Rifle
FR2 Infantry Charging With Rifle
FR3 Infantry, Advancing with Rifle No. 1
FR4 Infantry, Advancing with Rifle, No 2
FR5 Infantry, marching
FR6 Officers (2 Variants)
FR7 Grenade Throwers (2 figures)
FR8 Firing Rifle grenade
FR9 Chauchat LMG Team (2 figures)
FR10 HMG with 3 Crew
FR11 Dead
FR12 Trench Mortar + 3 Crew
FR13 Field Artillery Team (Helmets,5 figs)
FR14 Firing Rifle (Kepi)
FR15 Advancing (Kepi)
FR16 Charging (Kepi)
FR17 At ready (Kepi)
FR18 Loading Rifle (Kepi)
FR19 Officer  (Kepi)
FR20 Kneeling Firing (Kepi)
FR21 HMG Team (Kepi 3 figs)
FR22 Field Gun Team (kepi 5 figs)
FR23 Dismounted Lancer firing
FR24 Dismounted Lancer at ready
FR25 Dismounted Lancer advance
FR26 Dismounted Lancer officer
FR27 French Staff Set
FR28 Tank Crew (5 figs)
FR29 Trench raiders (5 figs)
FR30 Standard Bearer (1914 kepi)
FR31 5 riflemen (1916-18)
Z1 Firing Rifle
Z2 Charging
Z3 Advancing
Z4 Officers
French Lancers 1914
FRL1 At Rest
FRL2 Charging 1
FRL3 Charging 2

French Cavalry (1916-1918)
FRC1 Dragoon at Rest
FRC2 Dragoon Charging 1
FRC3 Dragoon Charging 2
FRC4 Officers
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