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25/28mm Period Ranges
The Eccentric Range
ER1 Frankenstein's Lab M
ER2 Street Gas Lamp Deleted
ER3 The League's Conference Room J
ER4 Six extra chairs for above E
ER5 Braziers (2 on plinths, 2 on pedestals) G
ER6 Dr. Jekyll's Lab I
ER7 Altar to The Old Ones I
ER8 Skull Throne G
ER9 Well of Fire H
ER10 Movie Power Units M
ER11 Looted Supermarket N
ER12 Cryogenic Chamber D
ER13 Cryogenic Chamber (open) D
ER14 Monorail Set - 1 x each car, 1 x track end, 8 x track straights, 1 x RH curve, 1x LH curve  
ER15 Zombie Nosh (6 different casualty markers)
ER16 Oil/Storage Drums (pack of 9)
ER17 Large Storage Tank
ER18 Waiting Room
ER19 Coffin with Skeleton & Empty Coffin
ER20 Sacrificial Altar
Buildings Range
BLD1 Stone Round Hut (with conical thatch roof) J
BLD2 Igloo I
BLD3 Barn / Watermill (requires assembly) X
BLD4 Two Storey Cottage (requires assembly ) X
BLD5 Circular Tribal Hut with conical thatch roof J
BLD6 Thatched Bungalow (suitable for Africa or India)
BLD7 Adobe with side stairs (suitable for India or North Africa)
BLD8 Beehive Grass Hut
BLD9 Flat-roofed Bungalow with thatched porch
BLD10 Sentry Box India (circa 17th Century)
BLD11 Flat Roofed Tenament (requires assembly)
BLD12 Flat Roofed Warehouse ( requires assembly)
BLD13 Victorian Tenament (requires assembly)
BLD14 Victorian Warehouse (requires assembly)
BLD15 Water Tower M
BLD16 Log Cabin (suitable for early settlers onwards) W
BLD17 Dark Age A-Frame Dwelling N
BLD18 Dark Age Hut S
BLD19 Razed Log Cabin
Wild West
WW1   Homestead set  (double bed, dresser, fireplace, table & two chairs) J
WW2   Saloon set   (bar, shelving, piano, two tables, snooker table)            L
WW3  Store set (counter, two sets of shelving) (remodelled)   N
WW4   Boot Hill set  (6 graves, 1 open grave, 1 coffin) H
WW5   Blacksmith set  (bench, anvil, forge,) J
WW6   Water Troughs x3 (remodelled) F
WW7   Bank  (desk, chair, filing cabinet, safe) (remodelled) J
WW8   Hotel Lobby  (counter, seating arrangement, luggage, spittoon, grandfather clock) (remodelled) J
WW9   Hotel Room 1 (double bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, armchair) H
WW10  Bunk House  ( four beds, table ) (remodelled) F
WW11  Sheriff's Office  ( desk, chair, filing cabinet, rifle rack, bunk and bucket for cell) (remodelled)     J
WW12  Four Potbelly Stoves  ( remodelled ) E
WW13  Miner's Camp  ( tent , camp fire, ore wagon, sluice box) I
WW14  Indian Burial Platform               E
WW15  Assorted Beds ( 2 double, 4 single )     I
WW16  Assorted Seating  ( 4 chairs, 2 settees, 2 arm chairs) E
WW17  Hotel Room 2 ( single bed, chest of draws, wardrobe. Different to WW9 ) E
WW18  Printers (hand printing press, compositors desk, roll top desk, chair) I
WW19  Outhouse E
WW20  Steam Powered Saw Mill J
WW21  Undertakers H
WW22  Four Coffins E
WW23  Assorted Cupboards J
WW24  Doctor's Office I
Musketeers Range
(Also suitable for Fantasy Role Playing)
These items have been designed to complement the Redoubt Enterprise range of figures. Some assembly is required.
MR1 Tavern Set  (bar, shelving, fireplace, table and benches) K
MR2 Table and Two benches     E
MR3  Brewery / Vintner (4 vats, 2 tubs, bottling table)      J
MR4  Market Place  (4 stalls; fabric/clothing, pots, fruit/veg, baker, and fountain)                 I
MR5 Boudoir Set( double bed, wardrobe, dresssing table, stool, large mirror)      J
MR6 Graveyard Set  (  5 graves, 1 sepulchre) I
MR7 Church Set  ( pulpit,font, altar, 6 pews)              L
MR8 Library ( 4 book shelves, cupboard, chair, globe) J
MR9 Library - Bookshelves only      G
MR10 Wooden Bench Seats x2 E
25/28mm Colonial Range
CL1 "African Princess" Steam-Powered River Boat T
CL2 Dugout Canoe ( 150mm long )         E
CL3 Sanpan F
CL4 Mealie Bag Wall (10cm long) D
CL5 Water Cart E
CL6 African Village (clay oven, log Tom-Tom, corn grinding stone, pots, baskets, fire) F
CL7 Explorer's Camp ( tent, fire, assorted baggage ) I
CL8 Market J
25/28mm French and Indian War Fort - NEW DESIGN!
The two towers and gate house have lift off roofs and upper floors with internal detail and stairs, wall sections and gun towers are one peice castings. Two fortress guns are included. (Figures are by Redoubt and are NOT included.)
3x 195mm Long wall sections with fire step/walkway
2x Corner towers with separate roof and internal detail
1x Corner section with fire step/walkway/gun position
1x Penthouse Gateway with separate rof and upper floor with internal detail 
25/28mm Block House
Has a lift off roof and seperate upper floor with small stockade

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