25mm Range

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25/28mm Other Ranges
General Purpose Range
25G1   9 Assorted Barrels and Kegs D
25G2  9 Assorted Crates and Boxes F
25G3  Stack of Hay Bales F
25G4  Stack of Trimmed Logs / Poles F
25G5  Stack of Timber Beams (remodelled) F
25G6  Pile of Grain Sacks C
25G7  Stack of Oil Drums (remodelled) F
25G8  Barricade I
25G9  Stack of Tree Trunks F
25G10 Two Large Barrels on Stands F
25G11 Bell Tent G
25G12 Wooden Bridge( overall length 37cm/14.5inch,span length 18.5cm/7.25inch) W
25G13  Frame tent E
25G14  Ridge tent E
25G15  Mine Shaft Entrance I
25G16  Derelict wagon I
25G17  Log Raft with load J
25G18  Sandbagged Trench with dugouts 37cm X 17cm        
25G19  Pile of Mealie Bags / large sacks C
25G20  Fascine Causeway 30mm wide 2X 50mm  2X 100mm long, 10 separate bundles I
25G21  Stack of fascine bundles C
25G22  Small Steam Engine F
25G23  Piles of Stones / Catapult Ammo C
25G24 Tree Trunks (for wire cored trees) pack of 10 I
25G25  Fortress or Ships Guns (pair) E
25G26  Gabions (pack of 12) D
25G27  28mm Trench ( 36cm x 19cm ) X
25G28  Supply Dump (1900s era and later) L
25G29  Supply Dump (Black powder era) L

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