15mm Ranges

15mm Fortifications and Fieldworks
15FW1   Concrete MG Cupola E
15FW2  Concrete A/T gun Casement E
15FW3  Concrete Bunker E
15FW4  A/T Gun Emplacement H
15FW5  Mortar Pit D
15mm General Purpose Range
15GP1  Wooden Bridge H
15GP2  Timber Stacks (planks,poles,beams,logs) E
15GP3  Stacks of Stuff (sacks,boxes,crates,barrels,hay bales) E
15GP4  Heavy Pontoon Bridge with three barges K
15GP5  Infantry Pontoon Bridge with six pneumatic Floats G
15GP6 Six Rubber Assault Boats E
15GP7  Shellholes (Pack of 10) E
15mm Buildings
15BD1  Timber Frame Cottage with Slate Roof I
15BD2  Stone Cottage with Thatched Roof I
15BD3  Jungle Village Huts (Two types) I
15BD4  Vietnam Corrugated Iron Shelter F
15BD5  Vietnam Tent Roofed Shelter F
15BD6  Vietnam Part-buried Shelter F
15BD7  Middle Eastern Adobe (small) G
15BD8  Middle Eastern Adobe (large) I
15BD9  Middle Eastern Adobe (2 storey) P
15BD10  Generic Tribal Hut E
15BD11  Sudanese Hut E
15BD12  Middle Eastern Adobe woth Dome roof G
15BD13  Middle Eastern Shop with lean-to I
15BD14  Middle Eastern Dome Roof with Minaret Tower T
15BD15  ACW Small Clapboard Cabin D
15BD16  ACW Small Clapboard Barn E
15BD17  ACW Clapboard House M

10mm Buildings

Note: these are now sold by East Front Miniatures

10BLD1 Roman Villa n/a
10BLD2 Celtic Round Hut n/a
10BLD3 Generic Oblong Stone Hut n/a
10BLD4 Generic Round Stone Hut n/a
10BLD5 Four Adobe Buildings n/a

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